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Golden Tone - Rob Fairley (Cassette)

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Golden Tone is Rob Fairley's first solo album. It's heady songwriting and a melodic blend of psychedelia and folk rock. There may also be twang.

The cassette version only includes the "hifi mix" of Golden Tone, letting the tape bring its own mojo.

It sounds like some kind of old dream singing back at you from the places you don't always like to look.


1. Where are we going?
2. Golden Tone (hifi mix)
3. Million
4. Meditations/Waves
5. Dewie Heavenstone Reisling
6. Thunder on the Mountain
7. Lamplighter
8. As I breathe
9. Dawn
10. Automatic
12. The sun is up


~44 minutes

Release Date

May 24, 2023

Digital release on April 4, 2023